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  The Montana Summer Symphony - 2002 (Montana PBS)

"The Montana Summer Symphony features nearly
100 musicians and seven conductors drawn from all
corners of the state, performing outdoors before a live
audience under the Big Sky. Images that celebrate
our western lifestyle, wildlife, and history with a distinctly patriotic theme are woven throughout the program."
MSS poster art by Monty Dolack

(television direction/national PBS broadcast)
Montana Summer Symphony
  The gift of Pain The Gift of Pain - Transforming Hurt Into Healing (Penguin Books)

"Pain comes in many forms: physical, emotional, mental,
spiritual. It is diligently avoided by most of us, even at the
risk of sacrificing the quality of our lives. But pain can (and
should) be a catalyst for change, a
touchstone of all spiritual
, a doorway through which we travel on our journey
from suffering to joy

(content consultation)
    The original WGBH Alumni/Reunion Web Site

Honoring all who have made WGBH
"...arguably  the most successful production and distribution company in the history of the medium."      
(Emmy Magazine)

(web site creation, design and maintenance)
WGBH Alumni Association
    Living Your Dying: A Video Documentary (Lotus Films)

"Mitsuo Aoki is a semi-retired theologian, minister, college professor and founder of the University of Hawaii's
Department of Religion.  For over four decades
the Rev. Dr. Aoki has shown others how to experience
death not merely as an end, but as a vital, inseparable part
of life.  This film explores his personal journey and the
stories of four courageous individuals who faced the
challenge of 'living their dying.'"

(content and production consultation)
Living Your Dying
    The Videola

The Videola was a video sculpture/installation piece exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern art in November, 1973 and in 2000 at the Berkeley Museum of Art. It was fabricated utilizing large kaleidoscope mirrors configured to produce the illusion of a large sphere of moving video imagery suspended in black space.  The exhibit consisted of 6 one hour pre-recorded programs of original video/audio creations by Don Hallock, Stephen Beck and William Gwin, as well as several improvised Videola concerts by Stephen Beck and Don Hallock.

(creation, construction and exhibition by Don Hallock of Buffalo Nickel under the auspices of The National Center for Experiments in Television, San Francisco and the Rockefeller Foundation)
The Videola

The National Center for Experiments in Television Web Site

The 'National Center' in San Francisco was created to explore broader possibilities for the video medium than were being realized in conventional broadcast television.  Ultimately, NCET became one of the major innovative developers of video art forms during the 1960s and '70s.  The 'NCET style' (as it became known) was as challenging as it was unique.



TORUS - an art gallery without walls....

TORUS is an on-line art gallery featuring works by Hawaii based artists. This site doesn't represent a gallery, it is one.  The intent is to offer engaging, oftentimes challenging, meaningful works. Though the artists showing here live and ply their trade in Hawaii, the work we present is not geared toward a tourist market, nor is it decorator material. These pieces demand more than just a superficial glance. Torus Gallery seeks to offer work the serious art enthusiast can find rewarding.

(curator, exhibiting artist)


NuVo Video - Capturing the Performing Arts

NuVo Video is a creative video production company.  While NuVo Video entertains proposals for all kinds of projects, dance, theater and music are specialties.

(production consultation)

Buffalo Nickel Productions undertakes exclusively projects which encourage creativity, global harmony, healthful human community, ecological responsibility, and the recognition - whatever our apparent differences - of the commonality of our deepest needs and aspirations.

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